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8 Things Women Say That Get on Guy’s Nerves

Think before you speak! You must have heard about this phrase many times from people. Unfortunately, women are emotional beings and tend to speak more to express their feelings better.

Emotion has a severe effect and it can have a positive impact on chronic disease. Some women are better at hiding certain emotions. But of course, everything depends on the individual person and the kind of relationship you are in.

For example, if the man you are dating is a sensitive and emotional, the slightest of your words might hurt him even if you think it is fine for you. As a man, be ready to hear these when you find a woman online or at the dating site. Let’s countdown the things that women may say to annoy men.

1. You won’t understand

This is often a phrase used by women while they are dating. Instead of using this phrase with a taunt-tone or in an online dating chat, just use different words to explain him first. As a couple, try to reach a solution rather than avoiding it.

2. I can’t explain it unless you feel it

This is another phrase used by women that annoy men the most. Often women use it when they want to finish the argument or don’t want to explain. When you say this, the man feels like he is stupid or dumb.

3. I didn’t mean what I said the way I said it

First off, just the complication of this sentence turns off men. Men are simple beings and tend to process simple phrases faster and easier. This is why you must not say things you don’t mean even if you are angry. Also, if you already said it just apologize and accept it.

4. Being a woman is harder than a guy

You must not make a guy feel useless in a relationship. Rather try to encourage him to work harder or a different method must be applied. Perhaps, you can try to give a solution because he would already know the problem. This phrase is more often used by single women.

5. Let’s go shopping

Saying this again and again and in those case when you can see obvious financial crunch in the relationship just makes things worse. Shopping is awesome and enjoyable for you and might not be the same for him. Either leave him out of this activity.

6. I am fine

Saying “I am fine” with tears in the eyes makes things much more difficult and annoying. It is understandable if you do not want to share. On an online dating site, saying I am fine in a text might be even more dangerous because he won’t understand. You might state that “I don’t want to talk right now”.

7. I need some space

Space is a weird thing in a relationship. You need it and at the same time, asking for it might cause problems. Apparently, it is fine for men to ask for space because women are too needy. You must try to hang out with your friends or live in a different place.

8. You don’t love me

Men are much more practical and logical beings. They don’t understand the need of saying it again and again. You might just say that “I want you to say it. It makes me happy” on an online dating site.

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