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Dating Online: When Should You Meet and Have Sex?

Dating has its own rules but it depends on you whether you want to follow them or not. The question that remains the most asked is when should you meet and make love? If we are talking about meeting at a hookup dating site, then the answer is simple, but for normal dating, you must not expect a one-word answer because dating is a complicated process. Just make sure it is not awkward and you are comfortable with what you are doing. Following are some of the tips to take into account, especially when it related to online dating:

Three-dates rule

You all probably have heard about specific rules before having sexual relations. You can find lots of materials written about 3 or 5-dates rule for single women or men. Dating professionals have said that the number of days doesn’t matter. If you are comfortable with the person, you may enjoy love-making on the first date. Sometimes, you might take some time to actually know the person a little bit more. In that case, you would do it later on like the third or fifth day or later. It depends on how you enjoy it.

No pressure

There is often a lot of pressure on singles to create a good impression on your partner when you meet them on an online dating site. It must be known that when you have sex just to make your partner happy, you will not be satisfied. So, remain calm and don’t pressurize yourself. If you feel nervous, that is a sign that you are not ready yet for a night together.

Feel it in your hormones

According to Marjan Khajehei and Elmira Behrooxpour, known doctors from Australia, you will get certain signs from your body. These signs are shown by oxytocin and endogenous endorphin release. This hormone is a pleasure hormone that will show you the right time to have sex. In men, there will be a high testosterone level while in women, there is a peak of estrogen and oxytocin. There are a number of things that might turn you on or off based on an individual. One of the turn-ons in women is a good smell. It releases pheromones and increases sexual desire.

Sex on the first day

Yes, you can have sex on the first date when you find a woman online. Sex is an amazing and important step in a relationship. It has the ability to make or break relations. Therefore, the timing is super-crucial. There are many couples who are happily married after enjoying sex on the first day. It is also a trending question in online dating. If you are comfortable on the first date, psychologists say “Go for it” and live life to the fullest!

Fulfill the milestones

If you are having doubts and want to make sure that sex is not just physical attraction, professionals on the online dating service say that you must wait for dating milestones. It is a better option than setting a number of dates. Every person has different dating milestones like when he or she introduces you to his/her friends, or when the first kiss happens or when your partner says those three magical words.

Nowadays, you can try online datibg site as it is a convenient way for most people to meet and date.  Online dating has grown from being only a few-people-thing. You can meet your potential matches, go on a date and decide whether you feel yourself comfortable before to have sex.

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